Dear Players,

some of you are concerned why we need so many permissions on your Android devices. We made a short list here, so you can easily look it up. We really do not gather any data from you that is not needed to run our matchmaking system. But since this is all cross-plattform (iOS, Android and WindowsPhone) our programmers had to set these permissions.

Identity & Contacts: To access google play and enable online play.
Phone & Device ID & call information: To check the online status of the phone.
Photos/Media/Files & Storage: To save local games on the device.
Full Network Access: To enable online play.

We do not access your call informations or any personal data! (and we do not want to)

We will take an additional look, if we can reduce any of these, but rest assured that we have no other than technical reasons for the permissions.

Edit: And we only need access to your contacts because the permission Identity & Contacts is a single one. If we could deselect it, we would. We never access your contacts – ever.

2nd Edit: We use Contacts: Find accounts and not Contacts: Read your contacts. Why Google chose to put these confusing terms here we really do not know. Again: We do not want your contacts. We want to make sure your account can connect to our server.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to answer your concerns.

Your Digidiced Team