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Last Update – 20.01.2023



We finished the server migration of the game and the redesigned version is available.
We are in preparation of a betatesting that we extend to some enhancement of the mainmenu features.


We prepare the Tuscany Expansion for its release. We are testing last features and fixes with our beta tester group and hope to release it soon. Depending on their feedback the release will be in january or some weeks later.

Status-Server Migration

Viticulture was successfully migrated to the new server. 

Status-Mainmenu Update

Viticulture is operating the new main menu.

Status-PC UI 

Viticulture is operating the new PC UI.

Information about the Server Migration

Dear Community,

we are happy to announce that the redesign of Viticulture Essential Edition is available for you.  The redesign, the implementation of our mainmenu 2.0 and the simultaneous migration to our new server went fine and we are now applying feedback in order to straithen out flaws. 

This is a list of things connected to the migration:

– Account migration – Everybody who owns our game Gaia Project is already present on our new server. All others will now have the possibility to migrate their account also by updating Viticulture with the coming update.

– How is it done and what will be migrated? – Simply update viticulture and start the game. By opening up your profile you will see that your name and your statistics were migrated. If your former name was taken by someone else you will find an add on to the name after your old one. If you created a new one with Gaia Project already your ID token will be recognized and the Username of the already existing Account will be used. Avatars need to be altered after migration.
If you own other games that are still on the old server you will see a placeholder with blank statistics. As soon as those games are migrated the stats will be included.

Friend list – Please read this carefully… Your friend list will be migrated but it will only show entries of friends that completely migrated already to the new server! Users that do not download the new version and log into their account at least once will not be shown in the friend list. The only exception is if an account was part of a migrated running game. In this case the entry exists on the new server but the Stats will be available only after their first log in.

Ranking – will be migrated. Ranking will only show those who already logged in at least once with the new client.

Replays – We do not migrate saved replays of the account. The feature remains, though.

Running games – Ranked games / fast running games / casual games will be migrated and can be played on. We turned off the time out kicking till mid of January in order to give people the chance to get done with the migration. Games that are “game over” will not be migrated. (Local games won´t be migrated.)

So far from our side. We will inform you when we are set.
Till soon,
your DD-Team

Release Notes History

Update 26.01.2022:

• added new in game menu with button descriptions
• added main menu help panel with button descriptions
• added tutorial in friend list
• added highlights for friend requests and pending replies
• added accept and reject buttons to friend requests
• added label for pass button
• fixed app crashing on launch with android 7 and 8
• fixed error message with horticulturist
• fixed assessor with more than 11 cards
• fixed games not loading when saved on governor action
• fixed grape icon missmatch on a few visitor cards

Update december 2021
• (in next update) Redesign of the main game Viticulture 
• (in next update) Mainmenu 2.0 implementation 
• (in next update) User Account Migration to the new Server
• Bugfixes and new features

Update 28.01.2021
• Important Login/ID patch for upcoming iOS Update 
• correct display of owned games in mini profile 
• save game size was reduced to optimize performance

Update 12.08.2020
• we enhanced action transitions and animations in means of speed
• we added a “fast forward” button (can be pressed during an animation but also prior to a sequence to speed it up till your next decision. e.g. AI Turn)

Update 11.07.2020
• AI play speed improved for older devices (move time is limited to 10 sec calculation) 

Update 23.06.2020
• game hangs after using undo in discarding cards/harvest (bonus)/planting (bonus)
• overlapping UI in AI moves
• matchmaking glitches casual games
• AI balancing
• ranked games timer set to max contingency of 36h + 24h after each move

Update 16.06.2020
• fixed 6 player casual games
• fixed overlapping panels during local AI turns
• Korean language fixed
• ranked games timer set to max contingency of 24 h + 1h after each move
• minor UI fixes

Update 11.06.2020
• AI was adjusted according to user feedback
• some card texts in asian languages were cut off and were fixed
• cards were too small in glossary / discarding cards panel
• card zoom was to small
• some advising texts or buttons where hard to notice… they were animated now to draw attention. 

Beta Test – Community based updates/feature addition
• added advanced player mode that would engage auto confirm of turn
• added aditional desription to display of non valid action
• complete summer card list was greenflagged during test
• complete winter card list was greenflagged during test

• added bughunter list in order of efficiency to credits 

 Next Update Includes:

• Release Version of Viticulture base Game with Tuscany Expansion 
• Ranked Gaming will include Tuscany to the release unlike the formerly plan to add that after the release.
• New worker placement features + Helpful action descriptions to serve as a reminder or to help new players
• Discard pile can now be viewed

 Bugfixes, especially:

  • Fixed: Auto discarding of cards
  • Fixed: Sharecropper card function corrected
  • Fixed: Producer card being playable when only 1 worker is on the board
  • Fixed: Workers can be trained with only 3 liras by using the discount space
New Lobby Functions:
  • you can now directly start all kinds of games from a lobby
  • Starting friendly games from lobby doe s not require adding users to friend list.
  • ranking points limit in steps of 50
  • +- 500 ranking points limit
  • fast or regular time window
  • auto start after lobby complete – 60 sec
  • filter lobbies with friends
  • filter ranked / casual
  • filter fast or regular time window
  • filter for number of slots
  • filter Lobby-Name
  • filter for incomplete lobbies
  • sort by random, newest, oldest, fullest and emptiest
  • fast join (Fast mode Lobbys stay open as long as you keep the app open.
    If you close the app all own fast mode Lobbys will be closed and left.)
Lobby functions specific for Viticulture:
  • Patchwork ( Mama & Papa rules)
  • Tuscany Board
  • Special Worker
  • Structure Cards
  • No Region Scoring
  • player chosen/fixed special workers

Bughunting Status

• Monitoring Redesign Issues 
– altering of safezone usage for certain mobiles
(especially Pixel phones!)

Please send your ideas, suggestions and questions to us – we love to hear from you: