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Last Update – 12.09.2023


Server migration information

About the migration of Terra Mystica to the new server on 7th August 2023

Dear Community,

we are happy to announce that the migration of Terra Mystica is now available for you. Check our “Release Notes History” below this message to see what’s in this update

Here is a list of information about the transfer of the game from the old to the new server:


Account migration
Everybody who owns our new server games (Gaia Project, Viticulture, Chai, Patchwork) is already present on our new server. All others will now have the possibility to migrate their account also by updating Terra Mystica with the coming update.

How is it done, what will be migrated?
Simply update Terra Mystica and start the game.
By opening up your profile you will see that your name was migrated (it may take a short time for the server to get your info. We do not migrate the win/lose stats to the new server).
If your former name was taken by someone else you will find an add on to the name after your old one. If you created a new one with for example Gaia Project already, your ID token will be recognized and the Username of the already existing Account will be used.
Avatars need to be altered after migration ( as before all avatars of your owned games will appear).
If you own other games that are still on the old server you will see a placeholder with blank statistics. As soon as those games are migrated the stats will start being included from a new.

Friend list
Please read this carefully… Your friend list will be migrated BUT it will only show entries of friends that completely migrated already to the new server!
Users that do not download the new version and log into their account at least once will not be shown in the friend list.

Will NOT be migrated. We will start a new ranking season on the new server similiar to Patchwork. There will be a top 100 legacy ranking list to still honor the most successful players of the old server ranking list.
Ranking will only show those who already logged in at least once with the new client.

We do not migrate saved replays of the account. The feature remains, though.

Running games
Will not be migrated. Your local games will still be accessible since they are saved locally on your device.





The server migration update is live! We finished the server migration of the game and the updated version is available.


Terra Mystica is operating the basic game as well as the expansion Fire & Ice. It’s included in the PC Version. The mobile version can be purchased as IAP.
For future expansions we were thinking of adding the Merchants of the seas expansion and the fan-based factions.

Status-Server migration

Terra Mystica is on our new server since 7th August 2023.



Status-Mainmenu Update

Terra Mystica is operating the new main menu.

Status-PC UI 

Terra Mystica is operating the new PC UI.


Release Notes History


12.09.23 – Update 

  • fixed tutorial getting stuck in desktop view
  • fixed notifications not working on iOS
  • fixed menu music playing ingame
  • fixed kick player button not showing up ingame
  • fixed missing info popup for lobby game settings
  • fixed broken links to manuals

14.08.23 – Update (Steam)

Some players experienced performance issues and lags. Games got slower the longer they were played. We found the issue and fixed it with this update.

09.08.23 – Hotfix

  • fixed stuck player turn overlay
  • fixed avatar not changeable
  • fixed long player names glitch

07.08.23 – Server Migration Update

  • Main menu 2.0 implementation
  • Added Lobby feature, new profile (+ Avatar customization window, Frames, Corners, Badges)
  • Reset of ranking and added Legacy Ranking List (Top 100 Players)
  • User Account migration to the new server
  • UI adjustments
  • Adjusted UI for Desktop view
  • New achievements added
  • Statistics for games against AI

1st Quarter 2023 (dev Server)
• User Account Migration Client
• Mainmenu 2.0
• UI Updates for display on xxl smart phone displays and PC displays.


  • fixed local AI stats  not including end game scoring
  • fixed in game log blocking buttons at the bottom after closing
  • fixed new turn overlay getting stuck
  • fixed server AI freezing the game
  • fixed game freezes when using next game button
  • fixed call to action missing
  • fixed player screen not toggling
  • fixed mobile sidebars not toggling
  • fixed incorrect round number in running games list
  • fixed click sound missing
  • improved visibility of home terrain in terraforming view

Next Update Includes:

  • TBA

Bughunting Status / Feature Requests



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