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Last Update – 27.01.2021



We are in preparation of the beta version of the game. Since it will be started on Steam first we are also planning to have a beta test there. We will inform you when and if we invite interested gamers to this test.


For now there is no extention in sight. We are constantly checking which game of ours is a candidate for having an extension. In future we will have surveys in order to see which extentions are desired by the community the most.

Status-Server Migration

Gaia Project our pilot project for the new server. We will start with the PC implementaion and the beta test will already be launched on the new server structure. More details will be announced as soon as they are available.

Status-Mainmenu Update

Gaia Project will operate the new mainmenu right from the start.

Status-PC UI 

Gaia Project will be the first game of DIGIDICED to operate the new PC UI agenda. It will not have a Mobile Port UI. 

Release Notes History

Beta in preparation 27.01.2021
currently we are working on the close beta version for public testing

Next Update Includes:

• coming soon

Bughunting Status / Feature Requests

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Please send your ideas, suggestions and questions to us – we love to hear from you: