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Last Update – 07.07.2021



The PC version is available and it is on version 11). We are also in preparation to have a beta-test for the mobile version soon.


For now there is no extension in sight. We are constantly checking which game of ours is a candidate for having an extension. In future we will have surveys in order to see which extensions are desired by the community the most.

Status-Server Migration

Gaia Project our pilot project for the new server. Our current beta test is nearly over and the new server runs fine. Soon we will also start inviting beta-testers for the mobile version. More news as soon as they are available.

Status-Mainmenu Update

Gaia Project mainmenu 2.0

Status-PC UI 

Gaia Project is the first game of DIGIDICED to operate a PC UI of itself and will not have a Mobile Port UI. 

Release Notes History

Patch 11
– alternative payment with Taklons/Nevlas/Hadsch Hallas got fixed
– enhancement History Board UI
– additional history log entries (power burn/resource income through special actions)
– tooltips faster display and costs of colinizing are correct now, including special actions and upgrade costs included.
– other minor UI fixes

Patch 10
– added a gaia planet and hidden planet indicator
– added an indicator for federations on map
– enhancement for player order indicator
– corrected Next Game Button position
– minor fixes on end game panel
– optimized loading time of running games.
– added warnings for not so clever moves 😉
– Minor Main menu fixes
– Logic fixes for federation display
– enhanced info display in 2 and 3 player games.

Patch 9
– We have fixed AI and User moves not updateing in the game. (this was sometimes misinterpreted as AI stuck or server issue).
– Undo Problem with passive power gain and special converting abilities from factions in the 1 Phase.
Added Center message who is on in addition to call to action. Also rotate sectors is indicated with center message in addition to call to action. Other minor UI corrections.
– Feature added – Friendly games support adding AIs (the AI is the one that also replaces time out player). You have three options… choose faction, random faction and player choice.

– Feature added – local games now allows the new matchmaker options.

Patch 7/8
– Retro Map Feature Request (shows board game stuctures on the map only)
– viewing problem with russian / korean /chinese / japanese fixed.
– Colors changed on map for more contrast
– Research general small overview added
– Server adaptation
– AI adjustments based on feedback
– ( The AI thinks for 30 sec to determine its auction bids, but it’s once for all the AI. Other actions should take ~5 sec. )

Patch 6
– fixed kicking yourself on other players timeout (Server)
– fixed round booster income stacking up
– fixed Itars tech tile count selection missing counter after reload
– fixed sector rotation dropdown still showing after ending turn
– fixed empty history QIC action entries
– added more specific call to action messages for opponent turns
– added info text in empty running games tabs
– Easy AI faction variety
– Fix for Taklons taking power before token on passive charge losing wrong VP
– Fix covered tech tile removing incomes from multiple standard techs
– Fix Geoden PI ability doesn’t trigger when building mine on gaiaformer
– Fix passive power sometimes delayed when shouldn’t be
– Firaks now trigger passive power on downgrade
– Fix bug requiring too expensive federations

Patch 5
– surrender not showing for other players fixed
– faction board info during faction selection fixed
– action indicator for research actions not showing fixed
– achievements of other players not showing fixed
– friends of other players not showing fixed (Server)
– alternative payments with power tokens not showing fixed (Logic)
– rare federation problem fixed (Logic)
– adding / removing friends video tutorial added
– small player info shortcuts and clickable names added
– achievement progress shown with profile ornaments added
– russian loca fixed (needs to restart the client since it updates the online loca file)

Patch 4
– fixed: confirmed turn using alternative payment choice will not allow proceeding to the next player for some factions.
– fixed: a matchmaking bug that would force the players to exit and reenter the game during the factions choice face phase on certain combinatoins of factions.

Patch 3
– fixed: ranked games are being ended if a user was timed out and substituted with an AI player.
– fixed korean language showing squares in the localization.
– enhanced AI computing time

Patch 2
– fixed: Itars, right after chosing income order for power token, the game is stuck waiting for other player instead of burning power token from gaia zone to gain a tach tile.
– fixed AI stuck on leaving game during an AI turn / AI stuck on Special rule Itars

Patch 1
– fixed a queueing issue that would not reduce the desired games counter if the user was matched already. This caused a confusion that users would think they were kicked from the ranked game queue on shutting down the client.
– fixed nearby building VP for Power gain… will not show -1 VP on counter

Beta PC active  19.05.2021
• Our beta-testers are in the final week. The Steam version of the game is near to hit the STEAM Store.

Closed Beta active  26.02.2021
• We will add testers in certain intervals. Right now the focus is on the Steam version of the game.

Beta in preparation 27.01.2021
currently we are working on the closed beta version for public testing

Next Update Includes:

• We are focusing on the mobile beta tester build

Bughunting Status / Feature Requests

• We are pausing new feature adding for the moment in order to fucus on the mobile version.


Please send your ideas, suggestions and questions to us – we love to hear from you: