Q: On iOS I get an error message saying: “Authentication error : GC error”. How can I solve it?
A: Please go to your iOS device settings. Scroll down to Game Center and log out. Log back in again. If that does not solve it, please contact us at: support@digidiced.com.

Q: My game got stuck.
A: Please go back to the menu and reload your game from the running games menu.

Q: How do I add friends to play with me?
A: Open the app. Go to your profile (button on the left top) and search for your friends name. Add them by clicking on the + symbol. As soon as your friends accept your friendship requests they will show up in casual games as selectable opponents. This works on all platforms. (For a detailed walkthrough – you can have a look here: https://digidiced.com/hauptmenu-main-menu/)

Q: I am on (any)platform. Can I play against a friend on (any other)platform?
A: As long as our game has been released on both platform you can play against your friends.

Q: I get an error on Android saying my account could not be verified. How can I solve that?
A1: Please try to clear your app and device cache. Go into Settings menu. Press the Cog icon in your notification shade. Find Apps in the menu, then locate the app that you want to clear the cache for. Tap on Storage and clear your cache.
A2: Make sure Google Play is up to date. We still use this for account verification.

Q: In this ranked game I encountered a bug and lost ELO due to this. Can this game be redone, can I get my ELO back, etc.?
A: While we feel your loss as fellow gamers, we cannot start checking every single game for possible bugs. We can therefore not recover any lost ELO. If you encounter such a bug, please do not hesitate to inform with a bug report from the running game (if possible).

Q: Nobody answered me. Am I being ignored?
A: No! While no bug report is forgotten in our ticketing system and we try to answer every one, sometimes we are just plain busy fixing and developing things. You can rest assured, we read all of them. They get sorted and discussed and every month we have a patchweek where we look at new features the community wants/needs and implement them as well as fix a lot of the bugs that happen.

Q: How do I get these awesome avatars that are not in my game?
A: All of our games feature new avatar pictures. So buying more of our games = more avatars to choose from. Sometimes we give rare ones out when there is an event going on. Make sure not to miss it by following us on twitter or facebook.

Q: Your app seems to use a lot of battery power. What can I do?
A: All of our games have an HD option in the main menu, which you can turn off. This also disables some animations or graphical elements users find distracting.

Q: I have your app on that platform and just bought it for another platform. Can I use the same account on both platforms?
A: Currently not. But we are working on a simple future solution for this as we totally understand what a great feature that is.

Q: Concerning permissions on mobile devices. Which ones and why do you need these?
A: Identity & Contacts: To access Google Play and enable online play.
Phone & Device ID & call information: To check the online status of the phone.
Photos/Media/Files & Storage: To save local games on the device.
Full Network Access: To enable online play.
We do not access your call informations or any personal data! (and we do not want to). We will take an additional look, if we can reduce any of these, but rest assured that we have no other than technical reasons for the permissions. We use Contacts: Find accounts and not Contacts: Read your contacts. Why Google chose to put these confusing terms here we really do not know. Again: We do not want your contacts. We want to make sure your account can connect to our server. Thank you for understanding!

Q: How does the ranking system work?
A: Our ranking points (RP) system uses a slightly modified version of the Glicko rating system.  It’s similar to a traditional Elo skill ranking system, but also has a hidden “uncertainty” rating that measures the confidence that your skill ranking is correct.  As a brand-new player, your uncertainty rating will be high, but will shrink quickly as you play the game and we have a better idea of your skill level.  When your uncertainty level is high, each win or loss will change your skill rank by more points so that you will more quickly arrive an accurate skill level.  As your uncertainty level drops, the number of points you’ll win or lose will decrease.  However, the uncertainty level of your opponents matters too!  Winning or losing against an opponent with a high uncertainty will cause a smaller shift compared to playing against someone with a low uncertainty.

 The RP you see in your profile will be a combination of a hidden skill ranking and the uncertainty.  Specifically:

 visible RP = hidden skill rating – 3 x uncertainty

 This basically represents a very pessimistic view of your real skill rating.  As you’ll play, what you’ll see is that your RP starts at 0 but will very quickly increase if you win.  Even if you lose, your RP may increase a little during your first few games.

 If you want more detail on the math behind the Glicko rating system, you can find that here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glicko_rating_system