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Chai the Boardgame – Support Community Compass


Last Update – 19.12.2022



This game is in the process to be implemented into the stores (Steam/Playtore/Appstore) It will be available soon.


Chai the Boardgame is operating the basic game. We already look forward the implemetation of the extention “High Tea”.

Status-Server migration

Chai the Boardgame is running on our new server. 


Status-Mainmenu Update

Chai the Boardgame mainmenu 2.0

Status-PC UI 

PC UI is operational 

Release Notes History

Release Build 19.12.22:

• Release Version

Final Beta Build 03.10.22:

• Minor UI fixes 
• Server bugfixes
• Tutorial fixes
• Playstore Requirements from September 

Final Beta Build 27.02.22:

• Dev Server Version 
• Feature list complete
• Bugfixes from the beta testing

Next Update Includes:

• Hotfixes

Bughunting Status / Feature Requests

• New Chat Lobby Features for ranked games


Please send your ideas, suggestions and questions to us – we love to hear from you: