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Chai the Boardgame – Support Community Compass


Last Update – 19.12.2022



This game is in the process to be implemented into the stores (Steam/Playtore/Appstore) It will be available soon.


Chai the Boardgame is operating the basic game. We already look forward the implemetation of the extention “High Tea”.

Status-Server migration

Chai the Boardgame is running on our new server. 


Status-Mainmenu Update

Chai the Boardgame mainmenu 2.0

Status-PC UI 

PC UI is operational 

Release Notes History

Release Build 19.12.22:

• Release Version

Final Beta Build 03.10.22:

• Minor UI fixes 
• Server bugfixes
• Tutorial fixes
• Playstore Requirements from September 

Final Beta Build 27.02.22:

• Dev Server Version 
• Feature list complete
• Bugfixes from the beta testing

Next Update Includes:

  • Added: Enable/Disable Wild Tokens

New Lobby features:

  • you can now directly start all kinds of games from a lobby
  • Starting friendly games from lobby does not require adding users to friend list.
  • ranking points limit in steps of 50
  • +- 500 ranking points limit
  • fast or regular time window
  • auto start after lobby complete – 60 sec
  • filter lobbies with friends
  • filter ranked / casual
  • filter fast or regular time window
  • filter for number of slots
  • filter Lobby-Name
  • filter for incomplete lobbies
  • sort by random, newest, oldest, fullest and emptiest
  • fast join (Fast mode Lobbys stay open as long as you keep the app open.
    If you close the app all own fast mode Lobbys will be closed and left.)

Bughunting Status / Feature Requests

• New Chat Lobby Features for ranked games


Please send your ideas, suggestions and questions to us – we love to hear from you: