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Last Update – 14.11.2023


About the migration of Castles of Burgundy

Dear Community,

we are happy to announce that Castles of Burgundy is migrated to our new server.

Here is a list of information about the transfer of the game from the old to the new server:

Account migration
Everybody who owns our new server games (Gaia Project, Viticulture, Chai, Patchwork, Terra Mystica, Castles of Burgundy) is already present on our new server. All others will now have the possibility to migrate their account also by updating Castles of Burgundy with the coming update.

How is it done, what will be migrated?
Simply update Castles of Burgundy and start the game.
By opening up your profile you will see that your name was migrated (it may take a short time for the server to get your info. We do not migrate the win/lose stats to the new server).
If your former name was taken by someone else you will find an add on to the name after your old one. If you created a new one with for example Gaia Project already, your ID token will be recognized and the Username of the already existing Account will be used.
Avatars need to be altered after migration ( as before all avatars of your owned games will appear).
If you own other games that are still on the old server you will see a placeholder with blank statistics. As soon as those games are migrated the stats will start being included from a new.

Friend list
Please read this carefully… Your friend list will be migrated BUT it will only show entries of friends that completely migrated already to the new server!
Users that do not download the new version and log into their account at least once will not be shown in the friend list.

Will NOT be migrated. We will start a new ranking season on the new server similar to Patchwork. There will be a top 100 legacy ranking list to still honor the most successful players of the old server ranking list.
Ranking will only show those who already logged in at least once with the new client.

We do not migrate saved replays of the account. The feature remains, though.

Running games
Will not be migrated. Your local games will still be accessible since they are saved locally on your device.




The migration update is successful.


There will be two new Map Pack DLCs.

Status-Server Migration


Status-Mainmenu Update

Status-PC UI 


Release Notes History


Update 23.10.2023

Castles of Burgundy will be migrated to our new server with this update!

– Main menu 2.0 implementation
– Added Lobby feature, new profile (+ Avatar customization window, Frames, Corners, Badges)
– Reset of ranking and added Legacy Ranking List (Top 100 Players)
– User Account migration to the new server
– UI adjustments
– Adjusted UI for Desktop view

Update 22.02.2021

new iOS GC Plugin
• fixed endless worker generation bug of easy AI
• reduced memory usage of AI which should result in more stabilty of game on 2GB RAM devices…especially older iPADs
• optimized GFX performance

Update 26.11.2020
• fixed issues with timer display
• fixed issues with message center
• fixed UI related errors causeing a stucked game by using “next game button”.
• fixed some script bugs that originated from an dev tool update

Update 02.03.2019
• AI tweak for casual games 
• memory optimization: better performance (especially) on older devices
• battery usage optimization

Update 28.02.2019
• Fixed offline error message affecting some players

Update 27.02.2019
• minor UI fixes

Update 26.02.2010
• additional Ram usage enhancement (mobile devices)

Beta Test – Community based updates/feature addition
• Ram usage enhancement
• added help layer in game (i-button)

Next Update Includes:

• (in next update) Auto Scroll – Credits not working
• (in next update) 2 player friendly game shows blank mini profiles if you want to take a look at opponents field. They vanish after turn is taken
• (in next update) Time out button in game keeps appearing as soon as it is the players turn who was taken over by AI.
• (in next update) Gender neutral tutorial

Bughunting Status / Feature Requests

• (FR) Make Ore field Tile color darker on map
• (FR) Dice role indicator on Player Detail does not match the new roll on the map.
• (FR) Textframe of Bugreport should wrap the entered text.
• (has to be verified) AI (easy) can buy black market tiles in the first round without having 2 silver 
• (has to be verified) Castle free action lost 
• (has to be verified) Time out kick button in running games list ist not kicking the timed out player but triggers your own surrender!!


Please send your ideas, suggestions and questions to us – we love to hear from you: