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Bohnanza: The Duel by Uwe Rosenberg 

Now available for your mobile device and PC! Bohnanza® – The Duel: Give as good as you get! – In this two-player card game variant of Bohnanza, both bean farmers give each other gifts of beans they can‘t use themselves – to make life harder for their opponent, if possible. Trying to fulfill their secret “bo(h)nus” requirements, they both need to keep a vigilant eye on the other player’s bean fields. Give as good as you get in Bohnanza – Das Duell, there can be only one winner!
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Bohnanza: The Duel is a variant of the popular bean trading game Bohnanza designed exclusively for two players. The gifting rules and “bo(h)nus” cards facilitate interaction between the two players and give fans something new to try out.
Features: • True digital conversion of Uwe Rosenbergs famous board game • 2 players locally, online or even cross-platform • Family friendly – non violent theme • Worldwide ranked multiplayer and casual play with your friends • fast real time games or asynchronous games with 24 hour time limit per turn • Easy interactive tutorial to learn the game from scratch • Analyze your best games or learn tricks from the best with playback • 3 different computer opponents • uses the newest rules of the board game  
Available on the: Appstore… Google Play… Steam…
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